Friday, March 27, 2009

Chamara 1972 - 2009

On Wednesday night, Arabian "Princess" Chamara joined her friend Rudy over the rainbow bridge - to range free and sighted once more. In a manner becoming a Princess, she passed away quietly, asleep in her stall; a fitting end to a long and valued life. For most of that life she had been with just one owner, who has been a regular visitor to see her at the rescue. On her last visit just recently, she spent time grooming Cham and enjoying her obvious pleasure over all the attention. There was nothing to alert us that anything was wrong last Wednesday evening, and although Cham had given us some concerns over the previous year, she seemed as strong as ever.

Chamara and her son, Star, came to us in April 2007. Chamara quickly established herself as a strong personality with an unflinching certainty in her royal ancestry and exalted position on the farm. However, her obvious belief in herself as a "Princess", was somewhat undermined by a strange whinny that sounded more like one of our cows in the throes of ovulation. Chamara was afflicted with severe vision problems that included a cataract, uveitis and at one stage, a corneal ulcer. With the loss of her sight, she became more and more distant with people and other horses, but had a like/dislike (love/hate would be way too deep) relationship with Bear and Lily. However, her real affection was for Rudy, the blind Appy in the next paddock. After he died last year she could still be seen at the fence listening for him, and we believe that a part of her went with him.

Chamara had been as fit a 37-year old as one could expect. Apart from being a somewhat hard keeper (she had a senior horse's penchant for turning her nose up at feed she had happily eaten for weeks) and one incidence of gas colic, she was in good, general health. Wednesday evening, she came in, ate a good dinner, and then quietly passed . We believe the cause to be heart failure.

We will miss Chamara’s strange whinnies, her regal attitude and the obvious fine Arab breeding that could still be seen under the grey hair. Adieus then, Chamara, enjoy the rolling fields and lush grass, and the reunion with Rudy that are your due. We are happy to have enabled you to live out your days in safety and dignity, and are glad that your passing was comfortable.

Folly and Chamara