Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Real Life vs Virtual Life: Patience and Ben

I have just noticed (well known it for some time time but chose to ignore!) that I haven't posted for 4 months.  Now, as there aren't thousands out there hanging on my every word, I'm sure the world hasn't stopped turning.  Not blogging, facebooking, tweeting, texting or whatever in the virtual world is not a capital crime, but is of course antisocial in this non face-to-face society we now live in.  So mea culpa, real life has got in the way of the virtual one, and I have been experiencing life instead of just writing about it.  Fortunately, that has been more than interesting enough for Jorg and I and although we like to post about some of our derring-do's it isn't essential in running the farm.

However, publicizing our new arrivals is.  In recent days we have seen the arrival of Mayfield's heifer calf Triskelion's Patience, and Edy's bull calf Triskelion's Benedict seen below. 

Patience and Ben

Both doing well and were enjoying the sunshine and warm days (at least until the cold snap last night!).  Patience will be going off to her Mum's former owner, and inquiries about Ben will be welcome.