Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lily 1979 - 2009

Tom and Lily

Lily, the sweetest riding horse you could ever want, was euthanized this morning after breaking her right rear hock in her stall. She probably slipped on getting up, and at 30 years old her bones were possibly brittle. Lily had had a miserable few years at riding camp, where she was bottom of the pecking order and last in the chow line. Sent to New Holland auction at the end of camp season, thin and permanently anxious, she was rescued by Susan Churico at Humble Hearts Haven. Knowing that we were looking for a riding horse for me, she got in touch and asked if we would like to adopt Lily. Our first meeting was hardly auspicious. It was a blustery day and Lily was extra anxious, so riding her was out. However, I felt moved toward her and we decided to try again. Now this was my first time riding for many years, and I rode English and Lily knew Western! Ever a patient horse, and apart from the occasional quizzical look over her shoulder, we slowly bonded.

Lily already showed the symptoms of uveitus, more obvious in her left eye, but also in her right eye, and her sight rapidly reduced to mainly shapes. Ever anxious in the company of more than one horse (and now more so due to her blindness) and also fiercely clingy to particular horses, finding her a comfortable partner was always difficult. However, in Bear we had a horse who liked people and mares but not geldings, and we had been looking for a buddy for him for some time. It was a match made in heaven and the pair were inseparable for 3 years. Lily wanted nothing more than a nice stall, a good friend and an occasional grooming. She had the sweetest temperament, and always pricked up her ears when I walked into the barn or past her paddock. As my first ride for so many years she was perfect and I only wish we could have ridden together more. She will always be in my heart. RIP Lily and enjoy the sweet grass over the rainbow bridge.
Bear and Lily