Friday, February 5, 2010

This isn't funny anymore!

Or in USA-speak "it's gotten old". That is the weather. We are standing by for more snow (already falling as I write) and Jorg is once again on snow removal duty. We have been promised wind this time, which may well make it the worse one yet. My sympathies to all you farms further north and west, who must feeling like it will never end.

So, if I have to retreat to the house and batten down the hatches, what better way to spend the time than watching Rugby. Good old BBC America has decided to show five of the Six Nation's matches live, including three of England's. A real delight (unless, of course, the unthinkable happens and we lose!) and provided the power lines stay up, and nobody colic's I shall be there tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 noon, beer in hand ready for the off. (If anyone else in the US, is interested it is Channel 264 on Direct TV). Obviously the next day's little affair (football match of some sort) pales into insignificance compared to England v Wales at Twickenham.

There is a silver lining after all, but it won't really be right until Jorg is safely back and the farm is complete again.