Monday, September 7, 2009

Elvis Has Left the Building

In the blur that was summer, somehow, Elvis reached weaning age. I don't know how that happened. One minute, he resembled a dark, timid satellite, revolving around the bovine planets of the pasture galaxy. From the house, we could see him streaking around the field in the evenings like a small bat. The next minute, he was a chunky little Ferdinand with an emerging interest in older women. Actually, it isn't just the ladies that he is fond of. Elvis loves everyone. Despite our best efforts not to overhandle him, this is the most personable calf we have produced to date. Anyone within smooching distance who isn't quick enough gets two layers of skin removed by that sandpaper tongue. He was a favorite of the rescue volunteers, several of whom sat for hours to keep him company during the lonely weaning process.

Jersey bulls have a reputation as some of the fiercest creatures in cowdom. The Miniature Jerseys seem to be losing this tendency and many stay gentle for life. However: until they reach maturity and all those hormones kick in, it will be difficult to tell. So we have tried to keep him respectful of people and to teach him good manners. Elvis has been a stellar student. He is polite, cautious and tries to please. As long as you are not a cat, you are the boss.

Elvis has a wonderful new home with this new best girls Violet and Daisy. The girls were fascinated with him and one even lept a 4-foot fence to go meet the new guy. We were impressed with her talent and think she may have a career in the hunter-jumper circuit if that milk thing doesn't pan out. But we congratulate Nancy and Gary on their new arrival. We will certainly miss him.