Thursday, November 3, 2011

Irene and Flora Meet

First meeting of Flora and Irene   

The sunshine we have been having here in Southside, VA has been great for getting Flora up and about.  At first confined to the space in front of the cow stalls, and then actually in the cow paddock where she and Irene could meet.  Irene has been racing around trying to impress Flora with her speed and agility, and Rosebud did the dutiful momma thing by pushing her away until Flora was ready to touch noses!  Lovely for Irene to have a playmate instead of those stuffy old "aunties".

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome Flora

Flora after one hour

After 2 days

Triskelion Farm is proud to announce the arrival of Triskelion's Flora and our second heifer in 3 months.  Thanks to Rosebud for Flora, who is just about our smallest calf yet.  Measured the day after birth she is 22 inches tall and looks very like her very small sire Baby LP (son of Little Professor).  She came equipped with a good covering of hair as the nights had just dropped to frost level, but has acclimatized well to her new environment.  Irene is excited to see another calf to play with.