Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bug Brigade

The Bug Brigade

To avoid last year's bug invasion, which basically halted veggie growing over the Summer (after a great Spring start) we have brought in a secret weapon - the "Bug Brigade".  A heavy duty, highly active (as can be seen from the photo above) dedicated group of bug destroyers - The Guineas!  This year we are not messing with the little critturs who demolish our carefully landscaped vegetable garden.  It's total war!  Non-chemical and wholly organic, our little friends will be sent out to off anything alien that dares to set foot on our pristine leaves.  There is nothing as frightening as a Guinea with a mission.  That is, provided we can persuade them that our garden is a better home than our neighbors, or the farm down the road!  Ah well, every solution has a drawback, and we are always optimistic.