Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leo is in the Building

Rosebud and Leo
Who says you don't give presents at Thanksgiving? Obviously no one told Rosebud as yesterday morning she presented us with a new Triskelion bull calf Leonardo, Leo for short. He duly arrived in mask and flippers ready to do battle with the elements, or at least get to the pasture! Leo is 24 inches tall and 33 inches long and is a real looker, with a good Jersey color. We now await Bessie's pleasure but doubt it will be too long.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Rain it Raineth Every Day

Flooding in Norfolk, Virginia (courtesy Richmond Times Dispatch)

OK, so climate change is inevitable. Been going on for millions of years. May be humankind is helping speed things up a bit, but we won't go there! But does it have to rain quite so much in November? I know we have had a drought the last few years, but this is ridiculous. Our farm is slowly sliding down the hill towards the railway line, and I shall probably be able to step out of our back door straight into the barns by Christmas! I exaggerate, but the continuous leaching of the driveway down the hill is a concern, especially the ability of large rocks to rise up out of the ground. We do feel for our folks in the UK and Ireland who must feel as if they are on sinking islands at the moment - we feel your pain.

The blessed event has yet to occur, but all the signs point to Thanksgiving Dinnertime! At this rate it will be a water birth, with Jorg and I assisting Rosebud and Bessie in scuba gear.

Our small gesture toward helping the bee population (and, incidentally improving our fruit crop) is underway, with negotiations going on to bring in some beehives. Jorg is already immersed in bee-keeping information and her next summer hat will definitely have a veil! We will also be extending our rather meagre orchard to become much more self-sufficient in fruit, with an emphasis on apples. More reading up on cider making, both "hard" and "soft" versions. Come next November the rain can raineth as much as it likes, we'll be knee deep in mulled cider!