Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preparations for Next Year

It's never too early to anticipate a happy event! No, I'm not pregnant, and neither is Jorg. Our animal "children" keep us more than fully occupied! Next year (2011) is a milestone birthday for me, and we will be receiving an influx of family visitors on the farm. This will be especially exciting as none of our UK family has seen Triskelion Farm. As a prelude to the visit we have been scraping and painting the house woodwork, and the garden in front of the house has been cleared of the old bushes, leaving room for something more in keeping with the style.

The red barn sides and ends have finally been finished, with a new sliding door, rotting timbers cut out, and the broken glass replaced by plexiglass windows. Jorg is busy painting, and an old carriage wheel will take pride of place above the door. The barn was in bad shape when we bought the farm, with both sliding doors falling off, one side collapsing and sliding out, and the other with gaping holes. It was much too nice to let go, and the main support timbers were sound. Our thanks to Tod Davies who has made a great job of the renovation over the past three years. We now have three cow stalls, a sheep stall, and a run in/winter stall for the minis and Oreo. The hay loft is sound, with only some minor work needing to be done on the roof, and just the electrics needing completion.

One of our granddaughters who is particularly anxious to come and help with the farm and horses is 8-year old Milly, who has been learning to ride and is now a competent tacker-upper, stall mucker-outer and rider. She, and her cousin Aoife, will be welcome additions to our volunteer ranks as, of course, will their parents (just joking - possibly!) Milly has also taken a shine to Bear, one of our sanctuary horses and our oldest inhabitant. He will be her special responsibility while she is with us.